Monday, March 10, 2014

boys meet some deer

Today was all about seeing some wild animals. Since we were staying near Gion, had to show them the Higashiyama Area (the streets surrounding Kiyomizudera Temple). Great place to find souvenirs and see one of the best preserved historic areas.

admiring the view or fake emo-ness?
i love this area!
None of us actually wanted to pay to enter Kiyomizudera so we spent most of our time wandering the streets, eating samples. Also the temple is undergoing some construction right now so a bunch of stuff are covered in scaffolding and tarps. The day started off nicely but in less than 30 minutes it started snowing!

Because of the snow we decided to skip seeing the monkeys in Arashiyama and instead headed directly to Nara to see the deer. I told them that wild deer just roamed the park and the streets adjacent to it. It was so funny because even though I told them this, Erik was literally rendered speechless when he saw the deer standing on the streets. After grabbing some deer senbei, I watched as Erik got chased around by the deer, squealing the whole time. Haha

erik: eeeekkk help me

if you don't feed them fast enough these deer will start headbutting you!

The Details
Nara Park
Access: Kintetsu Nara Station - Kintetsu Line (other lines also stop here like Hankyu, etc)
Take Exit 3 at the train station and walk up the hill for several minutes.

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