Sunday, March 9, 2014

cute and emo in japan

Jason and Erik! My second group of visitors! Jason totally surprised me and said they had bought tickets to come to Japan - unfortunately since it was a surprise the days they were coming coincided with me having to work on a Sunday. I had to use my precious vacation time to take that easy Sunday off! Totally made them pay in blood to make up for that.

Before heading out to Kyoto I brought them to the mall near my apartment to try some conveyor belt sushi. 100 yen a plate but the one at Telass Walk (pronounced Terrace Walk) is nasty - avoid!

hamburger sushi! - that is cheese from a can like cheese whiz not good!
Then grabbed some cookie dough ice cream from Baskin Robbins (they call it 31 here). Apparently cookie dough ice cream is seasonal and is only available in March! Gotta wait a year now to eat this again.

we got our ice cream as a cute panda! jason just got a regular cup...zzz but thanks for treating :D
Price of staying at my apartment is purikura - photobooth pictures. The guys were protesting so hard but when the camera started snapping they started pulling out all these cute poses! Totally took over and shoved us girls to the back.

Finally after a late start we took the Shinkansen (high speed train) to Kyoto. Dang the price to Kyoto from Nagoya is so freaking expensive more than $50 for a trip that takes less than an hour... rip off! First stop was Fushimi Inari to see those famous red torii.

the famous jason emo pose
erik is doing it too - emoness everywhere
did some off the path exploring - pretty!
Took the 206 bus to head towards Gion where our hostel was. Turns out there is a clockwise and counterclockwise one... What turned out to be a 15 minute trip took two hours! Avoid the clockwise direction! We didn't want to get off and have to pay the flat fare rate for the bus again so we just stayed on - did not know it would take so long. Now time for some TMI, I almost pissed my pants cause the bus took so freaking long. Just had to embarrass myself when we reached the hostel and was like screw check in I need to pee and so while the staff was talking to me I was just like bathroom now PEE and dashed off!

The Details
Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine
68 Fukakusa-Yabunouchi-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
hours: open all year
admission fee: free
directions: the JR Inari Station is right in front of the shrine, 5 minute ride from Kyoto Station (highly recommend) can also take the Kyoto City Bus #5 from the Kyoto Bus Staton to Fushimi Inari stop which is a 13 minute bus ride and then a 7 minute walk to the shrine

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