Monday, March 31, 2014

edo wonderland

Our last day in this area was spent at Edo Wonderland or Nikko Edomura, a history theme park which recreates Japanese life from the Edo period (1603-1868). I loved being able to see all the old architecture and people can even dress up in olden day clothing but it was a little pricey so had to pass on that.

they even have a river that runs through the town!
art work posted around town - look closely at the pic!
This theme park doesn't have any rides and most attractions are aimed for little kids or cost extra money which was a real bummer since I was expecting a lot more stuff for adults. There were some haunted houses that were real laughable because it wasn't scary at all. The most interesting things at the park are the performances, we saw all but one since shows are only held at certain times.

traditional japanese performing arts theater - water goes around
This water show was interesting with water shooting out of all these hidden tubes. Coming out of knives, fans and even her sleeves!

audience member acts as a customer for an oiran, a high ranking courtesan
being a good housewife and tending to the hearth!
the cutest little farmer :P

The best attraction were these fun houses that were built at a slant. Once I entered the house I could barely move and I got so dizzy from trying to adjust to the weird angle in the house. It was crazy trying to move through the entire place and my legs felt so heavy - illusions man they mess with your mind! I had a fun time at the theme park but I think once was enough. It wasn't so entertaining that I would come here again.

had this for breakfast - it was pretty good if you like red bean
The Details
Edo Wonderland
Hours: summer 9-5pm & winter 9:30-4pm; closed on Wednesdays
Admission: Adults Day Pass 4500 yen & Half Day 3900 yen
      - the Kinugawa Theme Park Pass includes transportation to and from Tokyo to Nikko and entrance to the park (saves you over 1500 yen compared to buying them individually)
Access: There is a free shuttle bus from Nikko to Edo Wonderland (5 round trips a day) - check website for shuttle bus schedule

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