Sunday, March 16, 2014

little world with dani-chan!

Little world is an open air museum located near Inuyama, that consists of a whole bunch of buildings from different countries around the world. Dani and I have wanted to go for awhile and we were motivated to go now rather than later because the tax rate is increasing from 5% to 8% in April which means pricier tickets!

plain indian tent from america
toba batak house from indonesia
alberobello house from italy
kassena compound from africa
The entrance for the female buildings are so low to the ground that we had to bend super low to get in (so dark inside no windows). The floor is lower than the entrance which means getting out also meant getting on our hands and knees to get out. Vastly different from male entrances and buildings pictured below...

unfair anyone?
At Little World there are areas where you can wear traditional costumes from different countries. We initially wanted to try all the costumes but they were costly, around $5-7 for each outfit, so we just tried on one.

korean hanboks!
I really enjoyed this place because I love seeing the architecture of various buildings when I travel so it was nice to see buildings I probably won't have a chance to see all clustered in one location. There are also stamps at each site and you can purchase a passport booklet to collect all the stamps. If you manage to get all of them you get a prize! Dani and I spent the whole time trying to find the stamp stations and we joked about how we were more interested in getting the stamps rather than checking out the buildings.

The Details
Little World
Hours: various hours depending on the season generally from 10am-4/5pm
Admission: adults - 1700 yen (after April 2014 tax increase)
Access: Meitetsu Bus from Nagoya Meitetsu Bus Station - 800 yen one way
Costumes: 400-700 yen and you can only wear it in that area
Stamp Passport: 500 yen

Upper: Bus schedule from Nagoya to Little World (left - weekdays, right - weekend & holidays)
Lower: Bus schedule from Little World to Nagoya Meitetsu Bus Center

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