Tuesday, April 29, 2014

waterfalls and wishes

I thought I would play tour guide and show the girls Shifen and Pingxi, a place I've been to many times. I've always taken the regular trains to Ruifang, which is where we need to switch to a local train to Pingxi, but since we were traveling in style we got a limited ticket which cost less than $3 USD! Why did I never take this before?!!? The bathrooms were super pimp and so fast. Oh man the price, $3 is how much it costs for a 15 minute train ride in Japan or a couple subway stops.... Love these prices!

Of course I had to start my day off with a drink. You think you're reading a blog but actually it's a log of milk tea beverages.

black tea with ice cream (of course!)
Of course had to show them the famous Niagara Falls of Taiwan :D

The rocks right across from the waterfall. Look at those mini steps carved into the boulders. Too bad this area is restricted or it would be an awesome waterfall pool to swim in.

fried battered squid
Also another must have while visiting Shifen is the fried squid! So delicious. I was looking forward to this so badly but when we arrived I couldn't find it in its usual spot. But as we were heading to Pingxi the stall was open! Had to get some but the train was about to leave so we were running to catch it. I'm not sure but it seemed like the seller wanted me to run and catch the train and he would follow or something with the food... Turns out we ran for nothing because it wasn't the correct train but the train conductors and everything were like hurry and held the train for us! So nice. That never happens in Japan. If you aren't inside the train when the doors close - they are gone.

Took the train to Pingxi and showed them around the small town before lighting a sky lantern.

We went baller status with a multicolored lantern - gotta maximize those wishes!
hahah who is the odd one out here??
If I wasn't part of this picture it would look so surreal as they released the lantern. I'm obviously jaded and was like whatever let's get a move on. But really I was just turning to the lantern seller aka photography to get my camera. The seller had another idea and SHE WOULDN'T GIVE ME BACK MY CAMERA! I wanted to take pictures as the lantern flew away but she kept hogging it....and why is Ellen doing a peace sign?? Haha

lantern colors & meanings w/ different color combos available - huge leap from a couple years ago!
Ending the post like how I started it, with a drink!

papaya juice
For my previous trips and to see what other attractions there are in this area please click here.

The Details
Shifen & Pingxi Access:
Take the train from Taipei to Ruifang and then transfer to the Pingxi Line
At Ruifang Station can purchase one day pass for unlimited rides on the Pingxi Line - $52 TWD
One way tickets cost $20 TWD
Taiwan Railway Website
*please note that the spelling on the Taiwan Railway Website is different due to a different romanization system

Shifen Waterfall
Hours: 8:00am-6:00pm
Admission: $100 TWD - which includes a $30 TWD coupon off a drink at the newly added cafe. Drinks are ridiculously priced...so I didn't get one
A free youth card will get you a discounted admission $80 TWD

Colored Lanterns
One color - $150 TWD  4 colors - $200 TWD
Can be found everywhere in Shifen & Pingxi

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