Sunday, August 10, 2014

philippines here we come!!

The curse of ameonna, rain girl, continues as Alanna and I tried to head to the airport for the Philippines in a typhoon! We were scared our flight was going to get cancelled but that fear turned into a fear of not even being able to catch our flight when buses and trains stopped running. We left our house super early to try to catch the bus but got caught off guard by the strong wind and pounding rain. The wind was so strong that the leaves that were being blown around were cutting our legs! Then we ended up missing the bus by a minute and had to wait for 30 minutes or so behind some vending machines so that we didn't get blown to pieces. After we finally got to the train station we had to head to Osaka where we were catching our flight. Well our train stopped at Gifu which is just a couple of stops away from Ichinomiya. All trains had stopped running because of the rain and people were just sitting around waiting for it to run again. Thanks a whole freaking lot Japan Railway! We ran to try to catch a bus to Osaka but buses weren't running either. We decided to catch a train back to Nagoya (in the opposite direction) because there would probably be more options. Thankfully the Meitetsu train line was still running, so odd since their tracks are just a couple feet away from the JR. How come one is running and the other isn't?!? The only trains that would take us to Osaka that would work was of course the Shinkansen, the bullet train, the freaking most expensive option WOULD be the only thing still running. At this point so much time had been wasted getting stuck and waiting for delayed buses and trains that if we wanted to get to the airport in time the Shinkansen was actually the only choice. When we finally got to Shin-Osaka Station where the Shinkansen stops we had to wait for another delayed train just to get to Osaka Station, one stop away. In Osaka the train heading to the airport was delayed, we stood there watching as the time on the electronic signage increased and then finally the train stopped running. At this point the rain had abated so we didn't even know why these trains were getting cancelled. Thankfully the airport bus was still going so we hopped onto one and manage to make it to the airport with plenty of time to spare!

finally heading to the airport - our spot of hope
With a typhoon blowing through this part of world we were expecting the worst when we arrived in the Philippines, especially since its monsoon season in August. Our flight wasn't delayed or cancelled which was lucky for us! This is the beginning of the end of my weather curse!

pearl milk tea
Priorities people. Right when we landed I spotted this milk tea stall and I had to get some! So delicious and so cheap. Not as cheap as Taiwan but definitely cheaper than Japan. Several food court restaurants were still open even though it was around 2am so we got a bite to eat before settling down the for night.

beef caldereta 195 PHP ~4 USD
The food was meh not impressive. I guess can't expect much from a fast food restaurant. The Manila airport is weird in that they have several terminals but none of them are connected. In order to get from one terminal to the next you have to take taxis or something. Terminal 3 is nice with restaurants and several chairs we could lay out on but another terminal I saw was hecka crappy with barely any chairs and no restaurants. We had an early flight next morning to the island of Palawan, where we would be spending our bulk of our vacation, so to save money we just crashed at the airport for the night (which was actually only a couple of hours).

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