Tuesday, August 12, 2014

port barton island hopping & waterfall tour

Woke up super early in the morning to this view.

sunset beach - right outside our bungalow
so many hammocks everywhere - love that giant tree!
Went snorkeling to try to find some sea turtles - did not see them. The water is a little too murky to see clearly. Apparently they stay near the floor to eat the sea grass and the only real good opportunity to see them is when they come up for air. I saw something moving on the ground floor but couldn't see what it was. The owner said that could have been a turtle! I'm dying to freakin' swim with some turtles. Will this wish ever get fulfilled?!?

Breakfast is included and unfortunately I didn't know that we could have ordered a Filipino breakfast so I got the continental. Breakfast was ok but the view was amazing.

from our table in the open air dining area
We booked an island and waterfall tour with four other guests from the resort. First up was some snorkeling - not much to see but coral and small fish.

bigaho waterfall
This waterfall wasn't impressive in height or looks but I loved how it had a pool below it. We swam in the pool and took model shots under the waterfall. Most of the shots in the water were of me nearly drowning since I'm not a great swimmer and as I tried to get close to the waterfall I kept getting pushed under by the current. Alanna managed to swim right under the waterfall and got pounded by the water. Those shots of girls underneath waterfalls must be rigged somehow cause water falling down like that makes horrible looking photos. Haha.

exotic island
nemo and his dad
We stopped at Exotic Island for lunch where I drank from a coconut that was bigger than my head. There were a lot of stray dogs here that would come around begging for scraps. Another group was also eating lunch there and they had a baby monkey! The monkey would sit on their shoulder and eat jelly cups. So adorable! But it wouldn't let us pet him - apparently he hates girls. They had caught some clown fish, the ones above, and released it near the shore. It was really sad cause the tide kept pounding them and pushing them inland so they had to hide around this giant piece of wood that I was standing on to take pics of them.

The last stop of the day was German Island so named due to the owner being German. There wasn't anything spectacular about the view here. However what was funny was that the caretaker/security people here approached us and asked us to hang out at their shack. We declined cause it was a little weird but they approached again with a little half naked child. They had a litter of dog pups and it was so adorable. Unfortunately my camera died and so I couldn't take any cute pictures of the puppies. They were so small they fit in the palm of my hand! I had fun playing with the pups while the men tried hitting on Alanna. Haha so uncomfortable for her but so hilarious for me since I just watch her try to steer the conversation to more neutral territory. I'm horrible for finding enjoyment in that :P

After the tour we headed back to Port Barton and went around looking for a hostel. August is low season in the Philippines so you can haggle the price. After finding one we went and got some food. At this point there weren't many options that were still open. It was thrilling and a little creepy to be riding a bangka in the darkness.

pork adobe
yellow curry
The food was delicious! Apparently on a lot of these smaller islands electricity only works at specific times of the day, Port Barton only has it from 6pm to midnight. Oh man the lack of electricity at night meant that the singular fan in our room stopped working which made sleeping so horrendous - especially with how humid it was. After this trip I'm starting to appreciate the fact that I live in a first world country so much more! Electricity 24/7 and decent water pressure in the showers - so far showers have been really horrible with water trickling out and barely being able to wash our hair.

The Details
Secret Paradise Resort - Islands and Waterfall Tour
Cost: 2300 php per person
There is a discount of 10% if there are 5 people or more on the tour. Lunch is included but alcohol costs extra. Water is free! You can pay for the tour at the resort or book online via their website.

port barton island tours
You can also book island hopping tours from Port Barton. For boat tour prices and packages enlarge the above photo.

We stayed at the Beach Front Cottage at Ausan Beach Front for 300 php . Originally this room went for 1250 php for two people, according to their website.

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