Sunday, September 28, 2014

BBQ - japanese style

Sachiko invited us to a barbeque! I was excited because I was going to have a first hand account of a BBQ - Japanese style. I expected the food to be different but Japanese people go all out for the one day excursion. Not sure if this is particular to family bbqs but tents, tables, chairs, portable canopies were unloaded.

 I must admit sitting in a nice fold-able chair and eating off a table is way more comfortable than sitting on the ground eating off a paper plate. Food included the usual beef, chicken, fish, yakisoba (noodles), rice balls.... Haha ok maybe not the usual fare we see in American BBQs. Definitely very Japanese with the rice!

first time I had fish at a BBQ
look closely at whats on the grill - a skillet and a tea kettle!
bbqing next to a pretty little stream
thanks for the invite sachiko!
I had a nice time sitting near the river and staring at all the towering trees. All the children were running around shooting each other with water guns and catching small turtles. BBQs a nice way to spend a Sunday. Gotta end the day as all excursions must end with a selfie :P

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