Monday, May 26, 2014

fuji-q highland

The day started off with ice cream! Got to try an awesome flavor of ice cream - blue rose. It totally tasted like eating flowers if one ate flowers that is. Super fragrant in my mouth. I am enjoying this trend of making ice cream flavors out of flowers. Can purchase this ice cream at the Kawaguchiko Train Station.

ice cream that is suppose to look like fuji - vanilla and blue rose flavor - 370 yen
In Japan there is a word ameonna which translates to rain woman, a woman who is cursed to have the rain follow her wherever she goes. After this trip I'm gonna get called ameonna except I don't just get rain I get all the crappy weather following me, like snow and wind that ruins my travels. So you know this post won't be about us happily riding roller-coasters but about the high levels of frustration and anger that followed us throughout the day.

Ellen, Alanna and I thought that by going to Fuji-Q Highland on a Monday we would be able to avoid all the crowds and zip through the lines. What we didn't count on was that in Japan entering universities is a super hard task but once enrolled, college is a breeze and students often skip classes...Don't blame me for saying this since I'm just repeating what Japanese people tell me. So to our surprise when we entered the park we saw hordes and hordes of people with every roller-coaster having a two hour plus wait. Fuji-Q Highland is famous for its roller-coasters, several which have held world records for being the tallest, fastest, steepest etc.

We waited two hours in line for Fujiyama a roller coaster that held the world record for being the tallest and fastest roller coaster. Just as we got to the front of the line, the ride gets shut down due to wind. We were given slips of paper that would allow us to go on the ride when it reopened. Then we waited in line for Dodonpa, which use to hold the world record for fastest roller coaster and still has the fastest acceleration, for an hour before the ride was shut down and we got another slip of paper. Yay. Can anyone guess how handy these slips of paper will be?

After Dodonpa got shut down we rushed over to Takabisha, the world record holder for the steepest roller coaster, in case that also got shut down. So finally after spending more than half the day here we finally got to ride one roller coaster. Takabisha has a record 120 degree drop and man it was freaking horrifying. The car pauses right at this point so you can just hang there and stare straight down at your death. Then it goes through a whole bunch of loops which I'm usually fine with but what was so horrifying about this was that it went through the loops so slowly you could see yourself hanging upside down.

The last roller coaster we wanted to ride was Eejanaika, the second of two fourth dimension roller coasters in the world. A fourth dimension roller coaster has seats that can rotate forward or backward 360 degrees. However when we got to the ride, the line was closed due to it being at maximum capacity! Fuji-Q Highland also has the second largest haunted attraction, the Haunted Hospital which we wanted to check out but it closed at 3pm! You would think that if so many attractions at the park were closed due to the wind that any attractions indoors that could still operate would operate longer that its normal time. Who closes an attraction in the middle of the day when the park is still open?!?

Super unsatisfied with this park and if you haven't guessed it yet the rides never reopened so those slips of paper were useless to us. Ugh the freaking worst day I've ever had at an amusement park. We rode three rides total the whole day one baby coaster, a swinging boat ride and Takabisha. Alanna says she doesn't wanna travel with me anymore because I'm ameonna! Noooo! I need to pass this curse along!

strawberry cheese cake fuji kit kats

Ended this disappointing day with some cute omiyage, souvenirs, and unique flavored kit-kats. Never been a fan of cheesecake so these weren't that great tasting to me.

The Details
Fuji-Q Highland
Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm
Admission Fee: 1400 yen - just entrance fee with rides costing 400-1000 yen per ride or
5200 yen which includes unlimited rides and entrance fee
Access: Fujikyu Highland Station -  Fujikyuko Line
There are also several bus packages that includes a round trip bus ride and an unlimited rides ticket to the park. We purchased one from the Nagoya Meitetsu Station for 9080 yen. Check out different locations and prices at this website (Japanese only).
Fuji-Q Highland website

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